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Mark Joseph
Help Build a State of the Art Athletic Facility for Our Students in Newark, New Jersey

In a city plagued by drugs and violence, access to safe playing fields is extremely limited in Newark. Parents are reluctant to allow their children to go the neighborhood parks and rec centers, and children are robbed of the opportunity to live healthy, active lifestyles.

This project can help change that sad reality.

By securing valuable partnerships with the US Soccer Foundation, the Claudio Reyna Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we are ever so close to transforming one of the most dilapidated corners in Newark to one of the most beautiful athletic complexes in the city.

But we need your help.

Our partners have already committed half of the necessary funds to complete the project. It is up to us to raise the rest.

Please donate to help keep this project alive.

If you are interested in more details, please watch the video and follow the links below.


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