Level the Playing Field

The violence in our city has changed the playing field for our students, literally. Many of our students aren't allowed to play outside because it's not safe. For many of our students, most of their hours are spent inside, in front of the television or video games – a situation that is not healthy and not conducive to strong bodies or minds. Their only opportunity to run around and play is during their gym period. Recess currently takes place on a sloped blacktop that, despite our best efforts at upkeep, is constantly littered with broken glass and needles. Our soccer team practices in the same location and any student who falls or dares to attempt a slide tackle is easily injured.

Less than two miles up the road from Rise Academy sits South Orange Middle School. This more affluent town’s public middle school is surrounded by the beautiful athletic fields pictured on the left. Two miles separate the outdoor spaces available to students at Rise Academy and the students at South Orange Middle School but the daily realities of the students in these two towns are worlds apart.

We need your help to create a safe space for our students to go outside and have fun.

Help us level the playing field. Donate to Rise Academy.

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